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Lewis Lane ‘Can’t Get Enough (feat. Sam O.B.)’ reels into the forgotten. Enlightening us with the new.

Lewis Lane’s Can’t Get Enough is a throwback to those days of pop sparkles, and musical attitudes – reminiscent of the 90’s contemporary pop. And here, Lewis Lane, shows off the philosophy and particular sentient idiosyncrasies, that makes it different. And it’s that difference, the grasping of what once was – the essence – and combining it with current attitudes, which makes it good and exciting.

Some elements of Lewis Lane’s work reminds us of artists like: Lisa Stansfield, Annie Lennox, Des’ree. Soulful, eclectic, rhythmic, popular, contemporary. She’s not the carbon copy of them. But elements of notes here, and over there – contextualizes for the listening, to realize the uniqueness.

Sensibility in musical assurance, the delving into that self awkwardness, is what artist do – exposing the unknown, to themselves, for themselves. Then it compiles into a melodic description – a song that can be a proud declaration.

It’s a fine line, to be sure.

But to us, Lewis Lane is right to be on that line, balancing, producing, forging, making great music.

Take this hand of mine, saddened with bitter memories.
Yours enlighten me, skin deep.
Look into my eyes, sullen and worried.
You are my salvation, sweeping clear the gray.

And we’re glad she did.

We’re looking forward to more from her, and what stories she’ll be telling through her voice and song.

She’s rep’ed by Ampl Music, in NYC.



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