Lewys Shares ‘Gwres (‘Heat’)’. What A Start. Looking Forward To A Fab Career.

LEWYS is such a talent. He’s a Welsh singer/songwriter who’s (in our opinion) just about to break through in bigger ways. He’s got to; with the kind of attitude and arrangement of his songs like this single ‘Gwres’, we’re definitely rooting him on.

The captivating part of this single are 3 items. (1) LEWYS’ vocals: developed, calm, structured – it feels like it’s taking you to a journey of new and profound excitement which we won’t know what hit us, until we arrived. (2) We think the production value of the studio single is fabulous and polished. Just a joy to listen to the quality. And lastly (3) we think with the combination formed with the Welsh language just makes it delicious. Seems like a very hard language to learn. We’ll stop fantasizing that we can learn the language. But we’ll maybe appreciate it, vicariously, through LEWYS, instead.

LEWYS is 17 going on like 30, with the maturations of production and presentation of his music. He’s released previously a single named ‘Yn Fy Mhen (‘In My Head’), which we’ll seek out later on as well.

With the partnership with his Recordiau Cosh label, in late July of this year he’d played his first live show @ the Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau, Wales. We’re kinda curious to how that went. It’s always exciting to see new acts performing in their first shows.

Anywho, we think LEWYS has a long career ahead of him in music and we’re glad he’s there to add to that glorious and rich tradition. As mentioned, the maturity of the production of LEWYS is top notch and was a surprise, for sure.

Keep at it, LEWYS. Kudos.


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