LeyeT Shares Aromatic ‘Rabbit Hole’. “Gentle but aggressive series of thoughts.”

LeyeT (‘light’) is a Los Angeles based artist with a wealth of talent and shine. Her song ‘Rabbit Hole’ is a stride of difference, as the song is a closer blend of alt-pop spectrum, where the gray of life is a shining pallet for grandeur.

And LeyeT takes that to heart in this gentle but aggressive series of thoughts and premonitions.

On October 18th, the artist will drop her sophomore EP ‘more thoughts’. And in this 6 song offering, she explores a variety of themes in different textures and sounds.

LeyeT debuted in 2017 with her first single ‘Don’t Make Me Cry’, with several more singles following.

‘Rabbit Hole’ kicks her style into another gear, as the guitar driven, EDM inspired synth-pop gathering, bursts with delicious aromatic juices in sound.



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