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LG will build EV plant in Michigan for Chevy Bolt

LG, the South Korean conglomerate, will be officially breaking ground and building EV parts in Michigan come 2018. The facility will be 250,000 sq. ft. in size and will create an estimated 292 new job positions, both in factory workers and engineers.

The focus of the new plant will be to build EV parts and pieces for clients Chevy and its EV car, Bolt (see press release). The noted components that will be supplied by LG for the Chevy Volt car model will be:

– Electric Drive Motor (built from GM design)
– Power Invertor Module (converts DC power to AC for the drive unit)
– On Board Charger
– Electric Climate Control System Compressor
– Battery Cells and Pack
– High Power Distribution Module (manages the flow of high voltage to various components)
– Battery Heater
– Accessory Power Module (maintains low-voltage power delivery to accessories)
– Power Line Communication Module (manages communication between vehicle and a DC charging station)
– Instrument Cluster
– Infotainment System

Some Stats:
– 250,000-sq.-ft. facility
– will produce EV components starting in 2018.
– will create at least 292 new Michigan jobs, including factory workers and engineers.

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