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Liam Duncan // Reuben George // Niko // Torn Palk // Harry & The Chicks

Liam Duncan – Can’t Stop Calling You Baby

Sophistication in delivery is what we gather from LIAM DUNAN’s latest ‘Can’t Stop Calling You Baby’. The songwriter, artist, audio engineer delights with crisp and seductive lyrical verses, which are complex as the Universe, but clinical as a Spring time love affair. The 22 year old artist has no walls that he had to put up in his life. No pretense and no unheeded distance from world, he aims to touch his environment with un-gloved finger tips and just does his best to try to tell stories through his music. That effervescent honesty flows in this single. Liam stated: “For many years, I toured with a band called The Middle Coast. We started touring when I was 17, and toured 100-200 days a year until I was 22. With my two best friends, I toured Canada coast to coast, toured the U.S. a bit, and toured Japan. It was awesome. I do a lot of work as a keyboard player – touring and playing with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Begonia, Roger Roger, Jadea Kelly, Sweet Alibi, Don Amero, Sol James, Roman Clarke, Madelaine Roger, Lucas Roger, and others.” In addition the young prodigy keeps himself even more occupied with engineering/mix work, as well. We think Liam’s got something special, and we’re looking forward to his upcoming album.

Reuben George – Gone

Positivity? Yes. That’s what REUBEN GEORGE’s single ‘Gone’ is all about. A girl you loved? A life you wanted? Greener pastures? Shinier things that didn’t materialize? Don’t fret. It’s not happened for a reason. Whatever that reason was developed from, it’s a nice lesson to be had. Remembered. Embraced. Let’s laugh a little more, instead. Let’s smile a little larger, instead. Let’s hug a bit more, even if the ones you care about don’t want you to. You deserve it. They deserve it. We all can start anew. Fabulous songwriting from Reuben, successfully brings classic folk with the contemporary dramas that pertain to the best of what us humans can become. Lyrically poetic, Reuben walks with head held high, where he does his utmost to always be consistent in the arrangement of his words. Simon & Garfunkel would be proud. ‘Gone’ is Reuben’s debut single and makes a dramatic impact and impression to the listener. Clean, direct, and airy, ‘Gone’ is an ‘all-American’ vibe that just translates well for any background. Look for even more great things from Reuben. An EP is in the works for a 2020 drop.

Niko – Nine Out Of Ten

Built around Nik vd Berg, Bas Prins, Thomas vd Want, and Richie Bleijenberg, the gang in the band NIKO subsidizes that intrinsic emotion that lies just under the surface and helps it bubble up to the surface of truth. The mechanism to achieve such an aim is through their bemusing and art-dream songs that paste their aura in sonic booms in lust. Oh, and ‘lust’ they do. The single ‘Nine Out Of Ten’ is a song that touches slightly into a coming-of-age tension but never admits that it’s paying attention and that she’s hot. Playing cool is the name of the game and ‘Nine Out Of Ten’ is that cool tattoo you’d always wanted and now you can lease for a time on your left forearm. Or was it your right forearm? In any case, the presentation of this light and airy offering is a perfect addition to any rotation, as it slices up the tone, with relevant guitar chic-dom with a generous sprinkling of attitude by Nik’s vocal stylings. NIKO cares, but doesn’t want it to be too obvious. The only evidence you need is a kiss on your cheek by NIKO’s single. Don’t blush too much!

Torn Palk – Juliana

TORN PALK’s single ‘Juliana’ is a confession for all confessions. The emblematic and gorgeous shimmer of this dream-pop extravaganza is palpable and innovative. With textures from multi-instruments, acting individually but alas, in cohesion of decadence, the song drapes over you like her scent. It takes you away. It takes you to a place of sexual ecstasy and emotional comfort. Your mind reels with thoughts of what you’d want to do together; of what you’d imagine how she is and whether she’s thinking of you in the same way. You miss her. The Universe misses the world before the fall. TORN PALK’s depictions is what’s so fab about ‘Juliana’. The painting in oil, culminates with extricably sound variances, bouncing in reverb but never overbearing nor frivolous. The manic depression is tamped down in jest, as you pour over what has happened to the memories of better times with the other. Quite a ride, indeed, in such a short span of time. Kudos.

Harry & The Chicks – Time

HARRY & THE CHICKS is headed by Harry. A majestically talented gal, with a plan. A plan to sweep through your consciousness with adept flows of galant musical tones, touching the very fibers of notions about self-absorbed antithetical. Youth, love, contrasts in between – the voids linger deep and wide when Harry’s vocals collide with her brooding vestures of lyrical corpses. Strewn unto the floor of life and death, Harry, comes to the rescue. Siren-like voice lovingly cast a spell, drawing you in with her shimmering and un-judging eyes. ‘Time’ is her another offering of 2019. As the uber-talented Harry moves forward with expressive songs of such magnitude, the Universe simply accepts its plight and hugs each note from Harry’s emotions. ‘Time’ was written by her 16 year old self, thinking about her fears of aging and of the future contained within it. Journey has just begun. And what a way to keep the momentum. Look for ever more outrageous music from Harry as the season roll on.


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