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Liam O’Brien’s Faithless Followers Shares ‘Nowhere To Go’. EP Drops August 17th.

It’s been a long journey in my life of ups and downs. But there’s an average. And that average has been significant. At least for me. And maybe for my second pet dog, Winona. She’s been such a friend to me. And like many others (humans) who have become acquaintances and friend, over time. They’re old as I. Some who are more energetic, than some of the others.

Throughout the years, looking back in hindsight, I’d never been fully ‘relaxed’ at one point. Seemed to have had ‘something’ that I always thought was chasing me, and looking to over-take me. For what prize, I never knew. It wasn’t for fame, fortune, extraordinary love, or anything else.

Then yesterday I sat down at the office desk and was drinking some coffee, and my existence had come to a cross-channel.

Suddenly I felt free. Free from the self-induced oppression and angst that had been built brick by brick. The mortars had cracked and the red bricks of the subconscious broke.

After so many years, I was, for sure now, content with who I was.

A silent victory in an internal war that went on for decades.

It was over, now.

LIAM O’BRIEN’s FAITHLESS FOLLOWERS’ single ‘Nowhere To Go’ demonstrates Liam O’Brien’s calm and ‘Ross’ like vocals which paints a distinctive oil painting, of life, of situations, and of human relations.

The diminutive.

The grand.

In scale.

Brighter than you think.

LIAM O’BRIEN’s FAITHLESS FOLLOWERS’ newest album will drop August 17th.



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