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LIAR BOY Shares ‘Run Away’. “Is This Nine-One-One?!”

I’d torn my ankle to bits. Sounds worse than it really was. The broken ankle was hurting me like heck. I’d been riding my mountain bike, and something just jumped out and got caught in my spokes. I looked back at my bike, and didn’t see what hit me though. At that time, the pain just prevented me from concentrating on the state of my bike.

My cell phone was okay, so I started calling emergency.

But when I dialed and waited, at the end of the other line, an odd voice picked up.

“Who is this?” she asked.

“Hi. Hello?? Nine-one-one, right? I’m hurt real bad. Please send me an ambulance. I’m at the edge of Noctberry Forest.”

“Who IS this??” she asked again, in a slightly more disturbed voice.

“What?! What do you mean? Is this nine-one-one??”

“Harold, are you prank calling me again?? You know what I do to prank callers, don’t you?!” she said screeching.

At this time, I was annoyed, but more scared. Something wasn’t right. Then hurriedly I hung up, and dialed nine-one-one again.

“Harold! You naughty boy! You know what I’ll do to bad boys like you?!! That’s right, I’ll go over there, and take care of you!”

I screamed! And I screamed like mad!

“Jack! Wake up! You’re alright! You’re at the hospital. You’re going to be alright!”

I opened my eyes. My mom was standing over me. And a doctor figure beside her.

“It’s okay. You had a fever after your ankle was broken. You’re going to be fine.”

Ross is the mind behind LIAR BOY. And he’s from Frisco, Texas.



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