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LIEZA – Glass House

We’d been surprised and impressed with LIEZA’s methods of communication from the get-go. We described her works prior and stated: “The emotive efforts in LIEZA’s writing converges with heightened decadence, as each set of notes whisper and drill down to the core of the question. Answers of life can be hard to come by. At least we have LIEZA’s songs to console us.” Console she does. And woven lyrics as real and informative, the draconian world, of which we all dwell, becomes a less harsher place to reside. Coaxing vocals, in the style of modern pop emphasis, unreal resonance walk out of the shadows, to reveal something akin to our own personal and secretive emotions. LIEZA’s voice caresses us. Comforts us, in that brooding darkness that casts a gray shine over the land. It’s a safe space where we all can congregate.

Kate Lomas – Happy Like This

KATE LOMAS makes us happy. Effervescent, in a unobtrusive glory, the teen years of our years come back to guide us to where we’d been. Helping to remember how we can laugh and smile and let loose. Maybe when we were younger, we were timid. Even if you were the most popular kid in school or the most secluded, we can call that ounce of commonality that we can share to the brightness of life. Every minute is a chance to start over. And Kate amplifies the message out of madness into that sanity that we’d been looking for. The Bath, UK based singer/songwriter/producer just knows how to get you back into the self you’d always been, but never having the will to let it go. Kate added: “’Happy Like This’ is all about realising you’re happy with who and where you are” says Kate. “It’s the constant battle you have with yourself when you’re striving to achieve something and you feel like you should always be one step further ahead to be happy. This song is about embracing the moment and placing your value in the here and now.” Kate’s been notice by many, and it’s no surprise. It’s just the beginning and the future looks very bright, indeed for Kate.

Philippa – before goodbye

‘Before Goodbye’ is PHILIPPA’s first self-produced song to be released. “This song is about being with someone that’s not right for you and the resistance you feel, knowing you have to end it before it’s too late.” PHILIPPA is the solo pop project of Philippa Livijn. The Sweden based artist is very much successful in bringing a tint of 90’s acoustic pop sensibilities to the modern music-scape. With sultry vocals that brings a subtle ambience to each gap of breath and exertion, the mundane becomes a bit brighter, as PHILIPPA’s single dips its toes into a scenario that warrants attention and prospective assertion. There are many moving parts to our lives, from humans who we know, to situations which hinder or assist. PHILIPPA depicts one of those scenarios and reminds us of preemption and diligence to self assured maintenance and life relations. In 2016, she’d released her self-titled EP, and since then she has continually produced re-mixes and original songs in multiple genres, including pop and EDM. We think ‘Before Goodbye’ is her most profound, yet.

Kid Bloom – Evrwndr

Dynamic artist KID BLOOM in ‘Evrwndr’ is a song for the lover in you. With r&b/soul funk deliveries for sentiments from forbidden relationships, the song is a synth-wave woven extravaganza, entitled to the gravity of KID BLOOM’s vocals and sensualities. KID BLOOM is Lennon Kloser, and he said of his track: “This song is inspired by my hypersensitivity to emotions and how I sometimes paralyze myself with my own feelings as if those feelings are coming from somewhere else.” Emphatically inward examining, the lyricist with the golden tones, remarkably invite you to a dance where no one exists but the two of you. Glancing in each other’s eyes, you romantically caress, gently bound, by the atmosphere and the prospect of the future. ‘Evrwndr’, as Lennon said, is about those feelings unrequited, but at the edge of it all, it transforms the listener’s doubts into a beautifully melodic excuse to do better. A confidence exudes out of this single, which quite fabulously shine and delight with every chord.

Tommy Ashby – Someone New

TOMMY ASHBY does a super job of balancing pop and indie-rock. ‘Someone New’ is one of those times where the seduction of pop music just bleed ever so smoothly into the realm of folk-rock. And if it’s agreed that, that scenario happens in his music, at the end of it all, it really doesn’t matter. The song is grounded in the melt waters of beauty, as Tommy’s vocals depict the background visions that takes us on a journey of love and angst. With proper intuitions and rousing undertones, the colors off of his lyrics pop into existence, asking you to ‘look here’ for more clues to love, relationships, and life. Will you ever find it? Not so easy. But there’s Tommy’s work that helps get us closer. Tommy stated: “I like the image of a specific table in a favourite café where a couple’s life together unfolds from the first sparks and through all the ups and downs. Their conversations held in that same spot… It’s really exciting to inhabit another character when you’re writing to describe your emotions.” ‘Someone New’ is off of his EP, ‘Golden Arrow’.


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