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LIEZA – Need Love

LIEZA’s ‘Need Love’ is of one of the oldest needs. Of affection, validation, love – from the one who has the power over you and of your soul. But it isn’t what the other has over you. It all comes down to what can be freed, within yourself. “I wrote this after a year of making music,” said LIEZA, “and really just life decisions in general, that were fueled by what other people wanted or told me was right, but knowing that I wasn’t happy. This song was particularly cathartic and helped me solidify the notion that I was on the right path and had finally found a piece of me that I was in love with again.” The Dallas Texas native (Nashville based) artist teamed up with FEMKE (artist and owner of LV Music) to produce this gem of a single. The emotive efforts in LIEZA’s writing converges with heightened decadence, as each set of notes whisper and drill down to the core of the question. Answers of life can be hard to come by. At least we have LIEZA’s songs to console us.


ZAYDE WOLF’s (Dustin Burnett) songs are built for TV and Cinema. Just is. And others think so too. The Nashville based producer/musician debuted in 2016 and since has been doing his own thing that just makes sense. Anthemic and heroic, ‘Cold Blooded’ is a single that inspires and brings out the animalistic rebel in anyone who listens. “Towards the end of 2015 I was producing some new music as a concept. I had these new ideas, but when a couple of singers fell through, I just decided to sing on it myself,” Dustin said. “I finished the songs, and rather than use my name, I listed, ‘Zayde Wolf,’ as the artist and sent it to a licensing company in Los Angeles called Lyric House. Pretty much immediately, one of the songs was licensed. Jessica Cole, Lyric House’s President responded, ‘So who’s Zayde Wolf, anyway? We need more songs.” It’s a story of having some knack for the demand. And ZAYDE certainly has it in tap. It’ll be a safe bet to say that Dustin’s work will be with us for a long time to come.

Matt Reagan – Separate Ways

San Francisco based artist MATT REAGAN takes us on a journey of pastel colors within relationships that falter, but never getting you down. The trials and tribulations of such an endeavor is marked in this entry of intrigue and personal curiosities. Matt is also the guitarist for his band 2AM Club, and brings sensibilities accustomed to the highlights of pop and the streaking emotions of alt goodness. There’s something tropical and light hearted with this song. But at the same time, never lets go of the fact that things are going to change irreparably. You smile regardless, even when things don’t look too good for the love that was. Oh well. Driven by melodic guitar and lyrical subtleties, Matt seduces with his soft and vibrant vocals as the song glides. The injection of jazz-like elements, indubitably accent the already energetic rhetoric of ‘Separate Ways’.

Tully & Mei – Simmer

Violinist, beatboxer, singer, storyteller, producer – the duo of TULLY & MEI comes to play with ‘Simmer’. And when the visceral beats of the song drums its intoxicating dance aura, the duo helps you keep the energies up and extending into the future. Mix of rock, eastern, and hiphop, dabbling in the r&b/pop genre, ‘Simmer’ is a personal party that never lets go. Liam Tully & Johnny Mei make this dynamic duo work. And with hypnotic notes that dangle at the tip of your senses, the change to a dance of acquisition and delight is imminent.

Bastien – Fallin

Pop, r&b, comes to mind when BASTIEN comes to play under the romantic guise of his single ‘Fallin’. 22-year-old Romanian artist seems to have all of the gifts and tool to get his audience to move. To love. To sing. To notice. “When you’re very young, you want to be like everyone else but when I entered college, I began to wonder what I really wanted – and I decided to fight for what I believed in.” Ultimately music does something to him that we all can relate to: “It’s helping me through a bad day. It triggers something in me and makes me happy. When I sing I forget everything around me.“ The pop talent just knows how to contribute to the daily discourse of what it feels to be left, and left behind the eight ball of life and the subsequent realizations that lie beneath. Haunting and attractive vocals that hold out the light to a brighter place, BASTIEN, is a sonic friend who you can turn to, in your gray-est hours. The talent is real.

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