lifelvl ‘best of all’ : Even if nothing is really for free.


lifelvl’s single ‘best of all’ is “about the increasing ubiquity social media as a convenient form of human interaction, from the perspective of the social mediators.” It had been inspired by an advertisement flyer with the classic tagline “Best of all it’s free!”

Nothing’s free, right? There’s no easy lunch, right?

But can love and interaction not have a cost attached?

Possibly not.

Does that mean that there is no hope? Nope. It’s never a lost cause. For we humans are resilient in the best and worst of times. Our psychology is strong, even in the most manic states. And guess that’s where evolution and nature has built in the kind of shield that we would have to depend on.

It’s what we are.

lifelvl knows this. And accepts with empathy and lust for life.

Even if nothing is really for free.


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