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Light Gun Fire Shares ‘Upside Down’. “Get in and dance. As you succumb.”

LIGHT GUN FIRE is a project of duo Cam8es (vocals), and Yanagui (keyboard), and in this latest offering ‘Upside Down’ they hit it out of the park. The build up to the climax, both in audio and for the music video is intriguing and beguiling.

The synth EDM grooves are galactic as each ‘hook and cranny’ keeps the listener on their toes and dancing to the beat.

The project started in 2016 and as they collaborated with producer and songwriters, they expanded their mark with unique angles in vision and artistic fervor.

The duo stated: “It’s these partnerships that have allowed them to navigate the cosmos of sound, always in their own way, taking us into a journey between the worlds of sensitivity and sensuality.”

“It’s about the struggle between mind and heart,” said LIGHT GUN FIRE on ‘Upside Down’, “and how that can create havoc in our lives. Although we can admit that a relationship is toxic, it’s often impossible to resist the seduction games generated by it. What is light becomes heavy, what is white becomes black, the dream quickly becomes nightmare, and beautiful illusions fade into a dark reality.”




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