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Liily Shares ‘Sepulveda Basin’. EP ‘I Can Fool Anybody In This Town’ Drops March 8th.

Crew from San Fernando Valley in California, LIILY, is the interesting quirk you have in your heart. They are emblematic of the oddity of your beating heart towards, love – angst – recognition for revelations. LIILY keeps the reasons for sanity, alive and present.

Concentrate, with the fervor of that teen in you. Then open your eyes, to that space you occupy. Let your senses absorb you. Let the alchemy of your surrounding, never displace you. Bring back home, from that mis-informed ‘greener’ pastures.

Single ‘Sepulveda Basin’ is “about the pleasures of living in the greatest place in the world: the San Fernando Valley,” stated the band. Which supports the notion that home is where things move, shake, and bloom. An appreciation for the things in your life that may seem insignificant, care actually the biggest influences, in contrast.

The guys in LIILY brings this wholesome factor to their single. The aromatic conservancy, along with the whiff of enchantment and revelry, confound the senses, caressing the things that really matter; the misunderstood and the under-appreciated is re-acclimated for your soul to chomp on.

It’s been a great 2018 for the band, as ‘Sepulveda Basin’ follows their two previous singles ‘Toro’ and ‘Sold.

And seems 2019 will have the same kind of positive effect, as their upcoming EP ‘I Can Fool Anybody In This Town’ drops on March 8th.

The diversity of sound from the quartet is genuine to the core, as the songwriting pairs significantly and speaks to many hearts. The world is a different place now, versus even a decade ago. And we feel, LIILY, wants to stay and highlight the kind of conversations salient to the core of the new mid-21st century.

At least we hope they do.

Get with it. Get LIILY.

The band consists of: Maxx Morando, Sam De La Torre, Charlie Anastasis, and Dylan Nash.



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