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Liimo – Get Weird (feat. Lizzy Land)

Why can’t we get along? Even when we get along? There’s a part of us that click like there’s no tomorrow. There are times when we are the only ones alive on this world. There are times when we don’t care, but care like the dickens. Love song ‘Get Weird’ featuring Lizzy Land is a delicious compounding of the search for the perfect, in an emotional exercise that is embedded with the imperfect. The sweet must be devoured with the tart – life is more delicious that way. And in this single, the weird and the preoccupations that comes with levity and normalcy, our deeper senses to make more of the times that we spend together with the one we care about – becomes hereditary. Lead vocalist, Kieran explained: “’Get Weird is a song about a whirlwind romance. That sweet spot at the start of a relationship where everything feels unlike anything you’ve ever been used to.” LIIMO’s seminal vocal direction relates that layer of mistrust and total loyalty to the fore. It’s a fun tune that depicts many truths to our hectic lives.

Flawes – When We Were Young (Video)

UK based FLAWES’ single and video ‘When We Were Young’ is a shout at the devil of life and the struggles of looking back and moving forward. Flawes said: “Sometimes in life you find yourself questioning decisions you’ve made, whether they’re from your past or present, and it’s crazy to think how one small choice made differently could have changed everything you know to be true now. It’s reminiscent for us, like If you knew what you’d become when you were a kid, would you have done anything differently?” And as adults, we all know that there’s no going back. We are ‘strength’ when moving forward – towards the new and over the horizon of expectations. The summer shimmer from this pop-rock offering is a refreshing addition for that trip down to the shore. Radiate confidence as the FLAWES shines through the glitter and make us think and dance to the beat. The band’s music are built for radio and from all indications the radio world acknowledges. BBC Radio 1 and other TV sync partners are on board. We think we should be as well. Join us?

YVR – Heartless

Courtney Jenae and Stephen Stahl (Wondrboy) make up the duo pop project named YVR. Named after the city where they were engaged to be married, the duo develops heartfelt drops of emotions in small drops of musical notes and sentiments. ‘Heartless’ is one of their offerings and has the temper and tone that is so decadent and harkens back to the 2010’s pop sensibilities that we miss so much. Off of their EP ‘Night Days’, ‘Heartless’ is about using up the powers of love and trying not to ‘fall’ again. It hurts too much. It hurts like there’s no tomorrow. It’s better not to ‘fall’. But we all do, don’t we? “‘Heartless’ is about being in a relationship that feels one sided. When one person begins to detach themselves in order to protect their heart.” We as humans are guided by some of the most visceral of chemical imbalances. Love hard to figure out sometimes.

Secret Treehouse – The Big Rewind

SECRET TREEHOUSE debuted with their EP ‘Fear of Frogs’ in January of 2019. With stadium rock sounds and vibe, the band from Bergen, Norway captures all the angst of not quite finding what has been around, and right in front of your nose. The band consists of Anja Bere, Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland, Sveinung Fossan Bukve, Tormod Smith Svanevik, and Marius Mathisen. And the band that hits right up close to your pop operatic needs, rattles your normal senses and keeps the throttle of personalities under ecstatic and raucous brilliance. The shimmer that amplifies off of Anja’s vocal chords, illuminate as if we’ve seen the heavens. Guitar driven and where rock meets pop, the amply nostalgic and familiar, coexist within the ever expanding walls of this dynamic offering. SECRET TREEHOUSE is a band that you should be invested.

Berry Juice & Josh Tobias – Messin’ Around

BERRY JUICE & JOSH TOBIAS come together again to produce a gem in ‘Messin’ Around’. Another nu-disco delicacy, the single jumps at the chance of seeing all of us jump on the dance floor. Having done singles ‘Creature of the Night’, ‘Need Your Body’ and, ‘Need Your Body’ the two have successfully made the thrust into our cold hearts and made them warm up to a hot minute, once again. The single bubbles with enthusiasm and flair, as the ridiculous task of falling for another is put into succinct and tasty notes of understanding. Synth, shimmer, drums, Tobias’ vocals – heck, what else do you need?? You’re right. Get out of the way. Let’s keep on dancing. Summer’s a comin’!


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