Liimo Shares ‘If You Love Me’. “There’s something about it.”

Edinburgh originating (London based) pop crooners Liimo shares a decadent taste for love and the fight for the love that exists in their latest single ‘If You Love Me’.

Front man Kieran stated: “Everyone’s been through heartache in some way, shape or form so with ‘If You Love Me’ we always knew it was going to have a lot of raw emotion running through it. We actually had the chorus written for a long time before the rest of the song followed. As we threaded the track together, we set ourselves a very high benchmark because we wanted it to stand up to those heavy hitting ballads that accompanied our heartbreaks growing up, but we love how it’s turned out. Sing it loud.”

“Liimo is an abbreviation of ‘little more’,” continued Kieran. “The thread between our lyrics is that we aspire for a touch more of everything; a little bit more time, a little bit more money, a little more indulgence, a little more love. Sometimes these things aren’t the answer, but we’d sure like to try it out ourselves.”

Kieran, CJ and Jamo make up this hinting dynamo of a pop band and they’re going to be very busy.

Lovely, indeed.



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