Liimo ‘Thinking About It’ : Sun-kiss and its warmth just absorbs without effort.


Edinburgh natives Liimo bring their single ‘Thinking About It’ for us to sun-kiss and its warmth just absorbs without effort. The song continues to demonstrate the trio’s skill for creating a killer pop hook and mood.

Speaking about the new single Liimo’s frontman Kieran explains, “There are moments when living in a big city can be quite isolating and it can feel like you’d rather be anywhere else. That’s where ‘Thinking About It’ comes from to be honest, those times when it feels as though the lights don’t shine as bright anymore and you’re tempted to pick up and leave, to find a little slice of paradise someplace new.”

“Liimo is an abbreviation of ‘little more’,” continued Kieran. “The thread between our lyrics is that we aspire for a touch more of everything; a little bit more time, a little bit more money, a little more indulgence, a little more love. Sometimes these things aren’t the answer, but we’d sure like to try it out ourselves.”

Kieran, CJ and Jamo make up this hinting dynamo of a pop band and they’re going to be very busy.


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