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Like Herding Cats Shares ‘Affliction’. “Take In The World As Quickly As It Rushes Over You.”

Rock, scissor, paper. Remember to time it right. Be intense. Be smart. Your opponent is right in front of you. Your opponent is waiting for you to show you something for an advantage. Remember that.

Keep your eyes open wide. Take in the world as quickly as it rushes over you. Take it as an opportunity to do the best you can.

Keep her close to you. She’s the one who will keep you cemented and glued to this world. Don’t let her go.

Keep that enthusiasm high, and passionate. Take all that’s thrown at you, and make it something of yours, your experience, your victory.

The treading of water, within our lives, can be extremely hard and seem unfair. But we do our best to work with what we have. Not everything in this world should feel like anvils on our toes, all the time.

Let’s not do that. We deserve a little better, don’t we?

‘Affliction’ is the first single off of LIKE HERDING CAT’s latest 5 track EP, ‘Curious Faces’, and it’s just a ray of positivity that we need at the end of the week, or month, or year.



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