Lila Tristram ‘Back To Bed’ : Switch past the ambience of the everyday.

Lila Tristram

“I wrote this song after a few months where I became kind of fascinated by the parent-child dynamic. Children are so often ignored or shut out of our culture; the amount of times I’ve heard people say (I have even said myself before) ‘I hate children’ or ‘I wish that child would shut up'”, said talented Lila Tristram. “We can think so aggressively towards the people that we all once were. It made me wonder the impact that this has on children, adults, and to women who go through pregnancy, give birth to and often take the primary role of caring for children. I was also interested in other cultures who have a much more inclusive approach.”

Lila Tristram is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in East London. Lila’s music has been play-listed by the BBC, and she was subsequently nominated as the face of BBC Sounds’ November 2019 hotlist, catching the attention of BBC Radio 6 Music presenter Jon Hillcock. With close multi tracked vocals, her soft yet passionate performance makes reference to Bon Iver’s early albums, whilst also incorporating the slightly more experimental edge of Aldous Harding, another of her major influences.

“I was also interested in other cultures who have a much more inclusive approach. I wanted to critique the sacrifices that our culture enforces on those who care for the youngest members of our community, and also to celebrate the amazing work that children, mothers and carers do in the face of that.”

Thoughtful and always ingratiatingly in grace, the dance of her lyrics, switch past the ambience of the everyday – brilliantly setting the stage for questioning – and maybe understanding.


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