Lilith Ai ‘Shanks Pony’ : Brought together to make a big picture of where we’d like to go.

Lilith Ai

Struggles of understanding and the angst to where you stand, now, is where ‘Shanks Pony’ delivers in whimsical gravity.

There are pauses to our daily routines. Maybe we have those slices of pauses when we’re brushing teeth. When we’re making lunch. When we’re doing the homework. When we’re driving to work. The culmination of thoughts, brought together to make a big picture of where we’d like to go.


“Seems to me no matter how much tech we invent, we are all fundamentally alone.” Lilith explained: “This track is about facing your demons and the weight of everyday adult-ing. When I was a little kid I asked my Dad for a pony. Ha, the only pony I got was shanks! You know. We all gotta walk in alone.”

Lilith ponders.

We listen.


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