Lilla Parasit ‘Eirik’ : Cohesive deliciousness in a pure frame of experimentation for and of sound.

Lilla Parasit

The project started out three years ago and has since changed both names and members before finding both the perfect setting and sound. The band’s grand semi-psychedelic lo-fi folk is now finally ready to reach the world’s ears.

The band is lead by Are Engen Steinsholm, whose band Melby released their debut album this spring to great acclaim, and made complete by Amanda Lindgren (Systraskap), David Svedmyr (Me and My Kites) and Jessica Klingsell.

“I started out with this blunt, kind of stupid guitar riff,” said Are. “Didn’t really think it would go anywhere, but then the verse melody came to me and I felt like the contrast between them had something. You could say the song moves between something fragile, almost embarrassingly personal and something bold and pompous. And in the long instrumental parts we dive into that contrast. To me, Pelle Westlins saxophone pushes the whole thing to the limit of how many conflicting moods i can take in at the same time. And I think that’s good for a song.”

The grand persistence of ‘Eirik’ is exquisitely delicate and very much dynamic, as the progress of alternative genres criss-cross across the skies of destiny. Listening tot he ending of the song, with its high pitched horns, and the tamped down guitar work, delivers with as much angst in vision, as any.

‘Eirik’ is off of the latest self titled album (out now). And as each song is a pillar of such supple debutant slate of emotional bubbles, they all come together in a cohesive deliciousness in a pure frame of experimentation for and of sound.



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