lilleburn ‘The Dark’ : Picture of the reality of this situation.

Lilleburn / Photo: Brandon Parker

‘The Dark’ is Lilleburn’s fourth self released single, following up ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’, which was released back in 2018. Ross Tidmus, aka Lilleburn, has been developing his art form down a more promiscuous path. The Dark reveals the lustful secrets of sexual encounters in the 21st Century.

Ross, explains, “being in my 20s and still living with my parents limits the places where I can be intimate with someone. Everyone knows the feeling of tip toeing and sneaking around your parents before you have the freedom of having your own place.”

The ‘R-rated worthy’ lyrics within the song paints the picture of the reality of this situation, of which anyone in their 20s can relate to and is still a ‘taboo’ topic to discuss.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by budding producers, MIRLYN (Emma McGann, Everything Aside) and Matt Cotterill (Speak Brother, Joe Dolman, The Upsiders), the manifestation of this record took place at Ross’ own studio, Warehouse 18, in Nuneaton.


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