Lily Lewis ‘Radio Silence’ : Woven with effervescent coolness and nostalgic warmth.

Lily Lewis

Beautifully presented, Lily Lewis’ single ‘Radio Silence’ is where it’s at. No matter the time, or place, your whisper in heart drives towards the memories that makes who you are.

It’s the charms that dangle with burning desire and instigation. And in ‘Radio Silence’, being ‘dumped in NYC’ is woven with effervescent 80’s coolness and nostalgic warmth.

The Los Angeles based artist is making headway into the indie alt pop genre with infectious grooves and loving destinations in lyrical vibes.

Her debut, the infectious VCR’ earned 150,000+ streams on Spotify in its first three months, and was followed up by the lush and equally catchy ‘Lonely Lovers’.

The talent and most important of all – her intrinsic method of making you feel – drives you wild and urges the same kind of passions to well up and over.


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