LILYAN. ‘HAUNTED’ : Unique lyrics, sonically sculpted.


Lilyan.’s rousing anthem for never admitting to be a victim of the heaviness of love. And with a solitary revision of what had happened, Lilyan. brings the stark darkness of realization and acceptance. Going forth with that weight of guilt, the protagonist drowns in the lavish comfort of the one thing that couldn’t be resisted.

From a life of deep personal pain, a brutally honest, hard-hitting Indie pop track, with a hint of dissonant Cobain toward the end, before dropping to a whispered conclusion. “Just because I had you once, it don’t mean I love you…cry about it all you want”. Playing games and losing. It feels like that sometimes. One who controls and never depicting the same reciprocation of feelings and truths.

Eighteen year old LILYAN. brings songwriting in a passionate deliverance and in a manically sultry divide in vibes.

Unique lyrics, sonically sculpted by Lilyan.

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i wont beg for your love,

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