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Limbo Chips Shares Daring Digital Formula, ‘SENNA’.

Ayrton Senna was an Formula 1 driver and super star of his era. He died the way he’d wanted: on the track. LIMBO CHIPS’ single ‘Senna’ though we think isn’t a direct tribute the racer, it surely embodies the racing legend’s anger, talent, and his thirst for speed and prominence.

It’s human to try to push the limits.

It’s human to die by the sword you’d created.

It’s human to realize, at some point, that this is the only life we have.

So we suddenly push the pedal to the metal, hitting 10,000 RPMs.

But with LIMBO CHIPS single you can funk and smile your way through life.

The way nature intended.

‘Senna’ is a glorious synth-wave funkadelic EDM slide of digital absolution. Top shelf production and arrangement makes this single one to have in your rotation.

LIMBO CHIPS is an outstanding new trans-Atlantic duo project featuring MAN AKIN & Raf Bussey.



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