L’Imperatrice ‘Anomalie bleue’ : Emboldens your love for love, as it pumps you up in the depth of desires.


Beautiful grace in the disco embrace, L’Imperatrice’s single, ‘Anomalie bleue’ emboldens your love for love, as it pumps you up in the depth of desires.

“Something almost hypnotic that strikes the body just before the heart, and then this gentle and enigmatic color, sublimating the waves of sentimental intoxication, as supple as it is electric.”

Softening hearts is the name of the game with ‘Anomalie bleue’. And with its delightful aggression of gazes and satisfaction, it has just begun with its acumen for connecting minds and emotions.

Proof, if one was needed, that l’Impératrice hasn’t finished softening hearts. Let the group’s new single entrance you and watch their adventurous live performance of it.

L’Imperatrice’s history of songs bear all there is to know of the band.

Purity in music, affirmed by excellence.


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