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L’Impératrice – Lá-Haut

Captivating and out-of-this-world, you’re taken straight off to the safe place in your mind with L’Impératrice’s (The Empress) single ‘Lá-Haut’. The French synth-pop band is fascinating in their over-arching directions in musical presentations. They are also exhilarating to listen to, as just seemingly ‘random’ causes for musical notes, are inter-woven to gorgeous shimmers and commentaries, as the starts dance in the night skies. Their debut album ‘Matahari’ will drop April 5, 2019. The accompanying music video for ‘Lá-Haut’ is similarly and amazingly beautiful, as we journey through worlds of the protagonist. See them in the US in May at Elsewhere.

Beffect – CRCD

We always feel with synth work in ‘CRCD’ by BEFFECT, our sense of love and the problematic notion of the ‘end’ of that certain love, will come to an impasse. The down right terrestrial notes, intersect (at least in our minds) with the urgency of what we desire from another, or the fantasies of another. The behaviors of the self, becomes you, as the disrepair of your own made up needs, are superseded by the realities of that which you framed as your ultimate salvation. “Straight kick, 6/4 rhythmic synths,” BEFFECT (aka Enrico Bartoli) notes on this single, as the Italian artist, helps us binge on our laurels of misgivings and doubtful premonitions in life. We wake suddenly, as the song ends – where we delight again, in the rapid pace of the world. A world, at the end of the day, delight in to the fullest.

zak235 – werbeblock.

With the warbling tenors and notes from the other side of the dimension, zak235’s single ‘werbeblock.’ is that cinematic instance when the protagonist notices the ‘error’ in his ways. In a hurried attempt to ‘right-his-wrongs’, the desperate and epic impingement of his guilt ridden soul, searches, until he cannot search anymore. Sullen with no traction in sight, the protagonist struggles to define his existence, once more. He gains nothing, in his mind, as the blue skies in his deserted heart, shrivels with pain and anguish. zak235’s from Germany, and has some tales to tell.

big nemo – drunk uber home

Downtempo with a constantly understated flare, ‘Drunk Uber Home’ is a story within a story of shifting narratives about a slice of life, with the constance of a singular travel through the city of the mind. Rigors of a party night, ends much like the same: you ride home alone, or with another. One or the other, we speculate much about what’s happened and where we’re going to end up in this expansive life plan. As you glance through the taxi’s passenger window, you see the bright lights of the streets, with a glimmer of happiness, and hope. Tomorrow will be another day.

Clock Watchers – It Goes On

Your death is imminent. And CLOCK WATCHERS will be there to take your order. As classical intros in keys, prepare for the pal bearing duties to your human limitations, ‘It Goes On’ taunts you to sleep. And when you wake, all will be the same, but different. Life goes on. You will go on. Albeit, in slightly different apparel of attitude. Will that be satisfactory to you? Probably not. But it’ll get better. You’ll get used to your newly molted and vulnerable visions. Awake. We can dare you. ‘It Goes On’ dares you.


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