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L’Impératrice – Error 404

Always amazing. Always majestic. L’Impératrice brings their A-Game in each of their singles, and with wispy grandeur, ‘Error 404’ is another gem that is part of a long list of goodness that the innovative and artistic group offers. Debut album ‘Matahari’ dropped this year in April and the band has been on a run of successes. When you listen to a L’Impératrice song, you envision all of the pomp and all of the circumstance that the Universe can throw at you. ‘L’Impératrice’ is the French word for ‘Empress’. And just like an ‘Empress’, the moniker fits their outputs to a tee. L’Impératrice is so, very good, indeed.

Editors – Hallelujah (So Low)’ – the Blanck Mass recording

EDITORS’ Tom Smith stated: “When we initially approached Ben to work with us on Violence we gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted. It seemed stupid to try and instill any boundaries or direction to him as he has such a singular, authored sound to everything he puts his hand to… so we left him to it. The results of that process being this release. A very visceral version of our album Violence.” MUSE like aesthetics, driven with high octane, the subtle lyrical excellence revives the sanctity for life as we’d always known it. The space trip of a single, such as ‘Hallelujah’ is a jaunt to the jaw of your dreams, and you just can’t help but love its texture and character. The layers of sounds, inlaid in perfection, the vision of it all releases the stress with a venerable jolt. The remix is fabulous.

NIGHTMØDE – Penthouse Refugees (Official Video)

NIGHTMØDE has a remarkable trait of building absolute pop goodness, single after single. The sensibilities of building and constructing is in absolute awe inspiring demonstration. The music video for ‘Penthouse Refugees’ is another coordination between the visual director and the music that comes out of the musical project. It is cogent and clear of debris. The urgent whole of the project seems to live on another planet, as the constellation of starts and planets align with delight. The kaleidoscope of colors in the ultimate climax of this single is significant and so fun to bop. Uniqueness comes with the territory when speaking of NIGHTMØDE.

Chris Gale – The Last Time I Heard Rock and Roll

CHRIS GALE can describe CHRIS GALE for us. “This song exists inside a print of a painting called “Lame and Blind in Eden” by William Wiley. It’s a messy painting, and my folks had a print of it that I remember looking at as a little kid. I had no concept of art or the world that allowed me to understand what was going on in this painting. That’s how this song makes me feel. It was recorded with Brett Bullion at his studio in NE Minneapolis. Michael Gunvalson played the drums, Adam Wozniak played bass, and Brett played the mid tom. This was the first song in the recording process where we used a sound bed technique I’ve been calling a Bullion Drone. I filled the tracking room with sound – I taped down keys on battery-powered keyboards, recorded loops on loop pedals and with cassette tape machines, set up endless sequences on keyboards that had sequencers, even put our phones on Instagram Live because it created feedback loops. We then recorded all the parts of the room and used that drone to compose. With each different song we used a different logic for the parts included in the Bullion Drone. On this song it was completely atonal, loosely based on Atmospheres by György Ligeti.” This single ‘The Last Time I Heard Rock and Roll’ is a rolling positivity, wrapped up in a tinge of confusion and negativity. It’s how humans usually work. We all have fears. Chris wonders if we can touch that part of time and space again. Maybe not, but Chris helps us get to it ever closer. Beautiful single, indeed.

Sci-Fi Romance – The War in Me

Los Angeles based SCI-FI ROMANCE’s single ‘The War In Me’ is an alt-folk offering and the inherent darkness within, is exposed for the elements of feelings and emotions. The open wounds of us living beings on this surface, hurts as we grow older and deepen in cynicism. Quagmire of the heart is tragic and changes the physical make-up of a man. A woman. Adult. Child. And in that war torn depiction, we strive, in general, to do our best. And the worst. The contradictions emanated by the external fight with he internal ambitions in endorphin induced euphoria. Life is a box of chocolates, and many will be hurt along the way. It’s about degrees, ain’t it? The inner struggle is always present, and SCI-FI ROMANCE knows so. Guess, in the best of light, it will be a death of us and sometimes the motivator for us to build better. You never know what you’re going to get.


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