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L’Impératrice Presents ‘Some Paradise’. “Resuscitates your deadened life experience.”

L’Impératrice is just a good time. Period. We’d featured couple of their past singles and every time we come across their works, we just dance to our own beat. No judgements. No extra calories. Just fine funk, mixed in with some psyche, sprinkled with some surprising LSD-esque moods.

In ‘Some Paradise’ that journey just continues on, as you’re swept in easily to the rhythms of this fabulous single.

The strength of L’Impératrice, is that they make any genre they decide to tackle, anticipatory and decadent. You just can’t wait to get to the start line of ‘life’, as your ‘pep-in-your-step’ is amplified and doesn’t subside.

Subtle and glorious, L’Impératrice, is what you’d call a shining torch to an uncertain future. We take to heart the confidence exuded by the band’s architectural angles within their songs, as you’re inspired to tackle your day, with equal vigor.

French 90’s synth-pop merged with 70’s disco vibe, resuscitates your deadened life experience.

Gold, baby. Gold.



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