Linc Bradham x Molly Messinger ‘Shine’ : Determines love for you like the first touch of the morning sun.

Linc Bradham

Following his EP ‘The Darkest of Nights’, Linc Bradham’s earthy and clamoring beauty of ‘Shine’ brings all that he’d intended, and more.

Said Linc: “This song was written about the dichotomy experienced during divorce between wanting to not care about your ex-significant other and also knowing that is impossible, while playing with how that could be experienced both individually and together.”

A voluptuous psyche warmth, fervent indie lyrical consumption, delicate and aggressive guitar solo – all wrapped up in this folksy harmony and aura – determines love for you like the first touch of the morning sun.

Something so very ominous about this presentation, where all you can come to embrace is all of its quirks and sincerity.

Look for Linc’s first full-length album, ‘Learning’ (featuring a full band) scheduled for Fall of 2021.

Originally from Savannah, GA and currently residing in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, Linc Bradham is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter.

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