linelions ‘Closure’ : Brisk pace ride down main-street of fun and smiles.


linelions’ 2nd single ‘Closure’ from their new album “ll’ (January 27th) is a brisk pace ride down main-street of fun and smiles. There’s no doubt about it. The rolling Americana vibes, inherently intertwined with the indie growl story telling, the musk of attraction, delivers as it was intended. The band said that it was a song about ‘rejection’. But it feels more like a song that ‘rolls with the punches, even though the emotional black and blue’ still hurts. A positive motion for emotions, tangle well in this effervescence.

Ride ’em high, yo.

The band consists of members Chris Alley, Chris Villata, Mike Villata, Briana Wertalik, and Dan Wohl.

See this fab band from NYC, next @ Mercury Lounge, NYC January 27th.


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