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Linn Koch-Emmery’s New Single ‘Wires’. Takes us away to an alternate state.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy love within puppy seduction is what we think of (and feel) when listening to ‘Wires’. It’s such a delicate rendition and homage style to an 80’s style of new wave, and we’re just really happy it’s in our heads.

It’s not like the progressions and properties of the song’s elements are like them, but the general ‘feel’ of the song gave out the thoughts and happy-but-sad feelings The Cure would give the listener. And that’s what’s more important than any mechanics of a song. Music is feelings, confessed and described; a sprinkle of narratives which blossom out and draw a listener in, and show the place around.

And that’s what LKE does fabulously with ‘Wires’.

The room she shows is dark gray, but filled with incandescent lights, slightly highlighted by the shadows of the past, and personal demons – chasing one another – chasing protagonists.

Kudos, for sure.

‘Wires’ is the first single from upcoming second EP, that is due in March. She is booked to play her first shows in Mexico and Unites States this spring, setting some great professional milestones.

Go to music [HERE]

She’s rep’ed by the good folks at Welfare Sounds & Records, working hard in Stockholm, Sweden.



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