Lisette ‘World Gone Mad (Acoustic)’ : Haunting voice and lyrical poetry that flows.


Lisette captivates audiences with her haunting voice and lyrical poetry that flows within her songs.

“This is an acoustic version of a song I wrote 2 years ago, which is off of my 2019 debut EP ‘Beneath the Surface’,” said Lisette. “The message of the song is one that stands the test of time: coming together to stand up for your beliefs and fight injustices.”

“My cellist and I actually began working on this song the same night the George Floyd protests began in Minneapolis and across the country. Working on music was the last thing I wanted to do because I was so distracted and constantly scrolling on social media to see what was going on. At one point, we took a break from working and I just sat reflecting on my emotions and cried for our country, Floyd’s family, and for the lives lost. My cellist came in and gave me a pep talk and reminded me that music heals during time like this. I took all the emotions and energy I was feeling and channelled that into this new version of World Gone Mad. I think it really can be heard in the vocal performance and the instrumentation.”

Blending elements of dark alternative pop with orchestral instrumentation and electronic production, Lisette creates colorful, cinematic soundscapes that are enhanced by her powerful vocals.


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