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Little Birds // Someone // ViVii // ACRYLIC // Oceanwires

Little Birds – Little Bird

Gothenburg based indie-rock band LITTLE BIRDS is that packet full of surprises. The gift that was given to you by the school crush, a delicate summation for the kind of long lasting love that is destined. “I was sitting in my room when suddenly a friend came in, totally devastated, and wanted to talk to me.”, frontman Julius Marstorp explains. “I felt a bit inadequate and didn’t really know what to say.” Saying what you want, at the right time, or not. A predicament to the harshness to our social consciousness and mores. But is it enough to polite? Will you not relieve yourself of your secret burdens?

Someone – Pull It Together

Tessa Rose Jackson is her name, and you shouldn’t forget it. As she drives the objectives of her project SOMEONE, the psyche-pop songstress, stresses that we should know what this world of ours presents our psyches. Over-burdened, and downright bulging with stimulus, Tessa wants us to chill and seek out a place of balance and happiness. Let’s not be living and breathing zombies, weighed down by the ‘stuff’ outside of ourselves. The Amsterdam artist is fab. Actually she is just glorious. And we wish (as all her fans) want to give her a hug of ‘thumbs ups’ and ‘accolades’, for her talent for putting issues into song and in such delectable construction, is just other worldly. Yes, we said it. And we’re pretty sure her handlers would say the same. Kudos Tessa, kudos. Her upcoming EP ‘Orbit’ follows her previous EP ‘Chain Reaction’.

ViVii – And Tragic

ViVii returns with ‘And Tragic’. And it is not tragic, but in an artful way ‘gloriously rich’ in their latest single. It follows their trek through the world of music, and documents successfully the duo’s triumphs. They’ve conquered our hearts, for sure, when we first came across their wares. Listen to the vocals; listen to the rhythms and joyful calm of the instrumentals. What a thoughtful construction of meaning and heart, don’t you think? Their debut album will drop March 2019. It will be a stunning show of musical benevolence. It will be an event. “We had an idea about what this song was going to be about, but under the process it all changed and the song took its own turn,” stated ViVii. “I guess thats how we like to write music, to let the song happen and to let the music have its own way. But the essence of the song is that life is fun and Tragic all at the same time.” Word.

ACRYLIC – I’ve Got Too Many Friends

Frontman Andreas Chrsitodoulidis makes us feel good. With a voice of reason and empathy, gleans closely through the eye of the needle, and we become closer to his vision. Glasgow based ACRYLIC is in it to win it in 2019, and it starts with the single ‘I’ve Got Too Many Friends’. Finding yourself, then finding confidence within yourself is a critical connection of growth. Reciprocation of thought, emotions, and ‘what love really means’ gets in the way of animalistic notions. But, we’re not animals, in that we’re more complex and needy than that. “It’s about a rift developing in a relationship, and explores the naive idea that sex will resolve your issues at that stage, even though you know it will in fact be a colourless and sad affair – nothing like what it used to be – and will most likely send you straight to the abyss.” Nothing’s easy in this life, is it? Andreas knows that, and we connect in that fact. Andreas is joined by bandmates: Ross Patrizio (guitar/ vocals), Jack Lyall (guitar), Lewis Doig (bass/ vocals/synth) and Ruairidh Smith (drums).

Oceanwires – Fuel + Reasons

We love it when contrasts are heightened in a song, then amplified within any accompanying visual. It’s the feeling of getting a tattoo: that moment in slight pain is temporary, and that there is a bigger picture and focus, why you’re laying down on that table. Off of their debut album, ‘Fuel + Reasons’ is OCEANWIRES’ weird and twisted offering of surprisingly thoughtful lyrics with accosting rock riffs. It’s what you need in your life today, as you do your daily chores. Get you off of that grind, and gets you ready for the weekend. To quote the band: “Tension breeds creativity. Risks nurture imagination and reward.” A statement the band took to heart to form this unique experience. Word. Now go get ’em gang.


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