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little brain Shares ‘Borrowed Colors’. “Quite the trip, indeed.”

Southern California based artist, little brain, invokes entrenchments of the visions in longing, with single ‘Borrowed Colors’. New video depicts that exact sentiment, of spiritual enlightenment, which we deem unattainable, but always close enough to be despised.

‘Borrowed Colors’ accentuates his organic nature of the song, with palpitating synth bass, mustering the flavors that begins to stir the unalterable, then decides to consume in an etherial vocal attention – magnificent in its understatement and tongue-in-cheek succinctness.

Blurry and non-conforming, little brain’s production is traditional writing in contemporary guise of gravity and delight.

Kyle Berryman is little brain, and just like us, his desire to remain in control of the future, comes only when the alternate is realized and accepted.

Chaos balances stability.

Sweet balances the bitter.

Quite the trip, indeed.



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