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Little Church // Madelline // All My Madness // Sage Suede // GHASSAN

Breanda Fedie

Little Church – Last Night

LITTLE CHURCH describes themselves as: “a smattering of art pop, rawk, soul, and gentle, gentle Eskimo kisses by a bear-shaped robot that can’t control its voltage.” Among self descriptions from bands, it’s right up there in candor, synchronicity, and pertinence, for sure. The gentle sweeps from the vocals of Chelsea Foss-Ralston dynamically writhe with ‘joy’ and ‘pain’ and everything in between, before a tribunal of thoughts and potential opportunities from a relationship that is inevitable, or inevitably doomed. The flexing ruckus of life endeavored within a sliver of time, which is invaluable to the ones who care. The protagonist cares. She cares about the damning attention to self-desires, conflicting with the overarching pragmatics of an adult human being. Juxtaposing indubitably. Oh well. At least we have the well wishes from this single ‘Last Night’ to hang our emotional coats on for a while. Christian Whiting added: ““Through the band we’re able to attain some spiritual fulfillment and we’re really just one microscopic and localized part of the connection that the whole world has with music.” Word. Look for their upcoming Ep ‘It’s Not You’ on May 31st.

Madelline – Ghost

MADELLINE is Montreal Canada based electro-pop artist with the mostest. With a voice that is like how a self-confident angel would sound like, the multi-talented artist brings r&b ambience to the fore. You just cannot not hear this vibe again. It sticks with you. It reverberates with a vibrance that makes everything brighter and more positive. An empowerment comes from the aft of the song, as the choral loop of the chorus and Madelline’s trance like voice, coaxes and prods your best resistance. But it’s too late. You’re ‘IN’ with Madelline and her uniquely positioned musical proposition. Deep and soulful, the hyper personal words of ‘Ghost’ trips on how ‘things used to be’, but being a bit nervous about ‘trying something new’. In a microcosm of thoughts, and in a ‘wider’ world through technology, we often feel as ‘lonesome’ as if there was no technology there to prop. Things are what they are; things are to how we use them. A prosthetic life, is not such a bright one. One thing’s for sure though – MADELLINE’s interpretation in ‘Ghost’ makes the world just a bit better to tolerate.

All My Madness – Cold & Quiet

Off of the currently available new album ‘Daylight Waits’, comes this agonizingly ritualistic damnation of a song called ‘Cold & Quiet’. The surly pyrotechnics don’t come from blaring vocals and arrangements. But it comes with the tolerant undertones in vapid exhumation of a body & mind in flux; an emotional tact that has been derailed during its journey through this juncture in life. The warmth of the vibration, candidly amplify the inner and silent frustrations that came with the physical. ALL MY MADNESS is the project of Jacob Neely and he explained: “On January 18, 2016, I suddenly went completely deaf in my left ear. Being only 18 at the time and scared shitless, I decided to take a leave of absence from studying Music Composition at NYU Steinhardt. ALL MY MADNESS became something therapeutic for me. I spent many nights staying up way too late having panic attacks about where my future would go, having spent the past five years of my life learning to make music with two ears and suddenly having to adapt and rehabilitate. I was going fucking crazy and I think the album really speaks to that, but in the end “this life is what you make it, so don’t just sit around”. Indeed Jacob. Indeed.

Sage Suede – Soft Serve Chillin’

SAGE SUEDE is not ‘electro alternative’ as the music video states. SAGE SUEDE is just another ‘galaxy’. Full stop. The oddity. The quirk. The honesty. The feel for what he is and what he’s wanted to become. A culmination – nay – a dilution for the unwarranted adoration that we have in pop culture, dives off the 50 feet high cliffs of truth in ‘Soft Serve Chillin’. The vision of SAGE SUEDE, is what we should try to be. What we’d been, has zero tolerance for this mission to Mars. SAGE SUEDE’s debut EP ‘ELECTROPAPI’ is a trip to the ‘other side’. Just like him. Just like his aura. there’s nothing really like this artist, and there won’t be for a while. So, get immersed in the colorful presentation. A place of green grass, and purple haze, you dance, because your body just wants to. You don’t know why. You just do. And soon, your self-awareness slips off like your lingerie. Nuff said.

GHASSAN – A Dance to Remember

Los Angeles based artist/singer-songwriter puts his take into what American roots music could become. Ghassan Abdel Nour is the head chairman for project GHASSAN. The flame of his words slip out to the edges of reason and reality in ‘A Dance To Remember’. Listen. Listen intently. The vision of jazzy, blues rock contained in a sultry and vivid spoken word style of delivery pleases your senses. It coaches your despair and struggles, into a somber slumber, while you attend to your scars from life’s entanglements. Love, hate, affection, defiance, roll into a dance for dance sake, as we all try to survive in a manic-Sunday life. The beautiful vocals of GHASSAN is undeniable, and it beckons with vigor from whatever angle you hear. Let the song sink in. You deserve it.


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