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Sarah Golonka

Little Galaxies – Another World

Venice Beach, California based band Little Galaxies are transporting listeners to another universe with their fresh brand of ‘cosmic rock.’ INDEED. Jeanna Fournier explained: “It’s a song about letting your imagination run wild with someone who takes you away from your pains and worries. I’ve spent the last 5 years dealing with chronic pain after my car flipped over a truck driving through Venice and our band was forced to take a 3 year hiatus while I was recovering from injuries, getting the strength to perform live again. This song was inspired by all of the people who have supported me throughout my journey to recovery, whose presence in my life have helped me to escape my own discomforts and make life worth living.” Exhilarating and offering a sheen of the dark and the light, ‘Another World’, exactly takes you to another place. The forgiving guitar licks, both raw and modern, clings to the lovely vocals of Jeanna, where the rest of the danceable production, bops to the best sense of you. And as the listener, the understated and sexy, underpinnings, radically hold hands, and guides you to a wholly different and irrepressible conclusion of musical vision. ‘Another World’ was written by Amir Eshraghi (guitars) and Jeanna Fournier (guitars/vocals), recorded and co-produced by Sejo Navajas at 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, mixed by Andreas Sandnes, and mastered by Evren Goknar at Capitol Studios. The band consists of talents: Jeanna Fournier, Amir Eshraghi, Andreas Kvinge Sandnes, and Christian Johnson.

Ryan Melone – Tell Me

Ryan Melone is a music producer and engineer based out of Nashville and Berklee alumni. Ryan’s single ‘Tell Me’ is so much fun. A man, in love and infatuated by the shimmer of that gal on the other side of the room, the trek of a journey, both in reaction and reality, ensues with passion. ‘Tell Me’ with a rich history of bop and slacker-grunge vibe, is resurrected to a point of a ‘taunting’ graciousness. The tongue-in-cheek and serious pact for love, imminently swirve and get out of control for the protagonist. And he loves it to the best of his willingness. The ‘chaos’ of such real relationships that happen for must of us, right? At the end though, the charming vocals of Ryan, makes everything alright and in perspective.

David Gorman – Curses

David Gorman is an artist that has cut his teeth on the incredible Manchester music scene. Lovely tones, reflective hues, warm to the hands that touch, and emotions that sometimes amiss – the single ‘Curses’ calls a truce of inhibitions, so that we can gaze into the depths of that unavoidable longing. From delicate waves of the fiddle, dancing with the friendly voice of the banjo, the other instruments, coax a beautiful rendition for life and what it is – never forgetting that fantastical and inspirational voids of humanity. David’s catchy weaving of sultry vibes, directly captured into bottles of a personal future, delights in full.

Stephen Babcock – Willow Tree

Withered and suffering, swimming the dilapidated soup of confusion and complexity – there exists sanctuary in her. In him. A palisade of guarded turrets, capable of blasting unrelenting throws of bombastic shells, ripping apart our seemingly unbound relationship. But the bombardment, didn’t hinder us from loving and consuming our lost gazes and immersing touches. You and I, she and he, love and reluctance – come together to toss out the relevant reasons, to throw caution at the winds of life. The song is the final song in a set of three singles that were released in 2019. Said Stephen: “The song is inspired by Southern Gothic music from acts like the Civil Wars, as well as the literary works of William Faulkner.” The Upstate New York based artist absorbs the enlightenment of his thoughts and environment, to share. See this artist next @ Kirkland Art Center, Clinton New York, on November 30th.

VIQUEEN – Bottle Flu

Bottle Flu will be released by San Francisco band VIQUEEN. And the world that has gone to hell-on-a-hand-basket, settles back to the throne of its choosing, with the harrowingly hooky hard-rock evisceration from this dynamically enticing band. Equals cancel things out in math. And math is a language of the Universe. So, when VIQUEEN speaks through their single, our NCIS minds comes into MIT levels, then we say “F*ck it!” A vibe that VIQUEEN intended? “F*ck it!” All’s we know is that this song, begrudgingly intended, never let’s you forget where you came from, then kicks your ass for trying to that exact thing. Future is what it’s about, yo. ‘Bottle Flu’ is from the heaving minds of VIQUEEN (VY-kween, like viking) which is an all-female powerhouse featuring heavy sound and thoughtful melodies. Originally started by wife/wife duo Courtney Cavanagh and Alexa Machulis, this aggressively odd, but attractively decadent single, is a great way to dive right into the goodness that we know you can feel from the band. Something that is hard to describe, but at the end of the day, it’s fun, it’s exhausting, and undeniably rockin’. Fan-tabulous.

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