Little Grim ‘Mercy’ : For it’s not enough to get just one glimpse.

Little Grim

Little Grim are back with a bang, with new single, ‘Mercy’. The track is riddled with heartache and the nostalgia of past relationships — the rose-tinted glasses that social media can create, giving us the ability to live out our memories online.

“The song is about memories of being a teenager, and feeling the heights of freedom, friendship and expressiveness” said vocalist and guitarist, Joseph Murphy. “People often look back at the good times of their childhood and wonder what’s changed. Why life felt so simple then and why it seems to constantly web itself in more and more complexities as you get older. ‘Mercy’ is a song that came out of that feeling as I felt the scales shift whilst having a shower in my damp, shitty London flat, and that overwhelming realisation that THIS IS IT. THIS IS YOUR LIFE really began to sink in.”

We’d said of Little Grim: “With a prog and classic rock hook, displayed through the guitar, this single raptures with story novel depth and inquiring emotions that just ‘want to know’ further. A virtue of indignant feelings, wrapped up in cascading arrangements, deliver with unique attention and fabulous pop sheen.”

It’s true.

You should get more of Little Grim. For it’s not enough to get just one glimpse.

Joseph Murphy (Vocals/Guitar), Jeremy Barclay (Guitar/Keys), Chris Alger (Bass) & Roger Muntzer (Drums) make music that does your body good.

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Looking back at an amazing summer last year ☀️ this one is looking a whole lot different. It's so hard to think about what the next few months are going to look like for us and fellow artists. The outbreak of the coronavirus has come smashing down heavily onto everything we know and love about seeing and playing music live. and the foundations that indie artists standing on are very unsteady! We're not sure what is going to happen, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel seeing such an amazing response from the music industry who have come together to support eachother. Spare the time and help support musicians where you can by buying their merch and music online. This is their financial lifeblood!! Fortunately, @bandcamp have dropped their fees for 24hrs to help artists out. You can buy our (and many other artists) music there now 📀📀📀 if you've got a few quid to spare, jump on the link in our bio and buy yourself some of the little grim classics Big love to everyone who has reached out so far. And hang in there… It's going to be a strange few months Joe, Jeremy, Rog, Chris X

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