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Little Junior Shares New Single ‘Crooked Tooth’. They Don’t Want Your Perfect Skin, either.

“You’re so sweet, I can’t have you.” Is there such a thing? Yes. Definitely yes. She’s so sweet and delectable, she shines like the thousand suns in the Universal skies. But can you hate her too? Yes. With the kind of venom deserving of her beauty and inhuman sartorial pessimisms?

Heck yes.

But we don’t.

We can’t.

We want her.

She’s what we dreamed of ALL-OUR-LIVES.

Can’t lose this chance.

For we will be FOOLS.

Love fools.

Stupid fools.

Lazy fools.

Under-cooked, sack of human flesh.

Little Junior’s ‘Crooked Tooth’ is, in essence (at least to us), a call to arms. Or maybe a clarion-call. The suppositions in our daily lives, infect the hearty dangling of souls, confounded by the smallest and/or mundane of things. We are not as smart as we deem ourselves to be. We are much ‘basic’ and ‘banal’ than we want to seem to be. We share a ‘thinner-skin’ than we pretend. We’re more vulnerable than we decry.

Buy [HERE]

On May 25th, they will be having their album release party @ The Garrison, in Toronto Canada.



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