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Little Quirks Shares ‘I Told You So’. “When The Time Is Right.”

THE LITTLE QUIRKS had a fabulous August with 2 shows that highlighted their musical wares. The Australian indie folk trio with sisters, Abbey and Mia, and their cousin Jaymi, keeps it nice and simple with indie-pop dynamics intertwined with classic elements of bluegrass and folk infusions.

The effervescent personalities of the three family members is easily grasped and understood by the listener, with hyper positivity and productive amplification of what they want to represent in their music and lyrics.

They hail from New South Wales, Central Coast and with mandolin and acoustic guitars in hand, the pop trio warrants a look from fans of folk.

Let’s all find out where the three will take it for their next publication. We indeed feel that they’ll want to stretch their wings and branch out as soon as they can, for it’s very obvious that they are bursting with energy and tales to tell.

Everyone does.

And we think the LITTLE QUIRKS will tell it, when the time is right. It’s just the tip of the iceberg in their musical and artistic journey, for sure.




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