Little Wins x Cumulus ‘Doorway’ : All seems possible to tackle and win in such a hard fight as we all engaged.

Little Wins

Open, accessible, welcoming, doing the best to be as happy as can be. We all do this. This thing that we call life. And sometimes you falter, take mis-steps, become sad, depressed, and down and out. Little Wins’ production of ‘Doorway’ nestles in the most personal of struggles, with exactly the kind of management issues we all go through.

“I wrote ‘Doorway’ with Alexandra from Seattle pop band, Cumulus, in December of 2019, seemingly ages ago,” said Andrew. “During this time of quarantine, we’ve had the opportunity to slow down and consider the things that really matter, and through that lens, this song has taken on a whole new meaning. We hope that it will bring you some joy today, the way it brought joy to us. We will certainly never take for granted knocking on a friend’s door again!”

A screw ball in the serendipitous atmosphere of living, comes with delicate and bouncing positivity in ‘Doorway’. With Alexandra’s distinct vocals of nurture and empathy, all seems possible to tackle and win in such a hard fight as we all engaged.

At least we have Andrew Vait and Little Wins to keep us company through all of those ups and downs.


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