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Liv Summer Shares ‘Underwater’. “Now. Forever. Passions live deep within her lyrics.”

LIV SUMMER is a gal with a mission. She’s a songstress with a burgeoning desire and passion for her words. She’s come a long way to do what she knows, deep in her heart, that she’s been built to do.

The Berlin based artist, takes her time, as she tunes her acoustic guitar. And just like most of us, she has many things floating in her mind. Of concerns, responsibilities, stresses, and trepidations – all colluding to distract. But as she takes her stage, her worries and doubts, melt away. She becomes a part of her hand-crafted hymns, constructed for her audience, passioned in the art of one.

Her passions live deep within her lyrics, as she works through this world, and she knows she belongs here.



The formally trained jazz vocalist, had started a new chapter about 2 years ago, and she’s that determined soul, who’ll make good, even in the face of doubters and pragmatists. She’ll make good.

For music is more than just a song. In LIV SUMMER’s world, it is her opened up for all of us.




See Liv doing her thing in Berlin. You really should.



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