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Live Sessions: MIETTE HOPE Deals Out Acoustic Bliss On Live Session Series, TWO TRUTHS & A LIE.

MIETTE HOPE deals 3 acoustic singles for online live sessions series, ‘Two Truths & A Lie’, with 2 originals (‘Expressions’ & ‘Spring’) plus one cover (‘Where Is My Mind’). Recorded at one of the premiere boutique recording space in Northern New Jersey, The Den, Miette disseminated her trademark sultry indie-pop charm for the cameras.


Miette is a 22 year old singer/songwriter originally from Colorado Springs, CO. She started her journey towards her musical career by trekking her wares to Boston MA. In 2014, at 17 years of age, she’d won the ‘Vans Berklee Off the Wall Scholarship’ to have the chance to study at Berklee College. “Miette was a natural choice for the scholarship because she displayed a wide range of musical, creative, and academic traits that are important…” (Berlee College).

When she arrived in Boston, she continued to expand her knowledge and experience by eventually, diving straight into becoming part of a band named Aüva (a 6 member indie band as of 2018) and Maddie Jay and the PH Collective. After graduating and leaving the city of Boston, she settled in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, where creatively, ‘anything’s possible’.

At heart, Miette, experiments. She’s a student of how music can make people ‘feel better’. Therapy you might say. In fact, she’d focused in music therapy in college, and that vein in philosophy – of musical ‘good will’ – naturally seeps into her songs and activities she endeavors. Her thoughtful and methodical approach has matured and developed to fit her aims – thoughts of delight and giving her listeners something to enjoy.

We can’t wait for more and more.

Get absorbed by Miette’s charm.

Let her guide you.

Miette’s vocals drive her narratives in her singles, collectively and precisely pin-pointing emotional cliffs that are reminiscent of many of our life’s indulgences. The multi-instrumentalist takes enjoyment in using the sonic experience inducing tools at her disposal. That includes loops, guitar, beatboxing, ukulele where all are neatly tied in her vocal package. And her voice is the star of every song she sings, no doubt. In her live performance for Two Truths & A Lie, she has again stripped down to her core, and reveals to us why she’s started her musical trek in NYC again. Drenched in neo-r&b/soul inflections, her singles melt and are easy to appreciate with fervor.

Expressions (2014)

‘Expressions’ is off of Miette’s debut EP of the same name. The single is included with 3 other tracks descriptive of her travels and journey and experiences with the frame of her new home of Boston. It’s a moment in a lifetime, but as some would say a pebble can build mountains. And that first big step was to expand her creative angsts in a new environment. The indie-pop shimmer is very much present in the EP, fully descriptive in her lyrical work, bookended by the title track, and ending with our favorite ‘The Fog’.

Spring (2017)

Published in 2017, the pop-infection is a soul/r&b draped expression of what’s to come or what can’t arrive. A question is posed, and waiting for that reply from him – her. The grooving single had been the first since her debut EP. The transformation or evolution of her single from the EP is evident. The arrangement and to selection of notes, the song propels Miette’s narrative to a different exposition, revealing new heights and cementing solid songwriting.

Where Is My Mind (Pixies, 1988)

Miette chose to cover one of her faves, ‘Where Is My Mind’ (Surfer Rosa) from the much respected & admired band, PIXIES. The band’s single was originally published in 1988 and has been re-published for fans and new fans, alike, ever since, with many covers from musicians of many backgrounds and styles. And there’s a reason for such popularity. The single is the band’s signature offering, which entered popular culture through Brad Pitt’s 1999 movie, ‘Fight Club’.

Miette Hope – Expressions

Miette Hope – Spring

Pixies – Where Is My Mind

We’re proud to be great live content with the team at The Den, to bring to a wider audience the select talents hidden in the NJ/NYC arena. Our hope is to keep working with artist and bands to keep the conversation of great indie music, in the forefront.

If you’re interested to submit for consideration in this series, please go to our page [HERE] and let us know.


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