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Liyv Shares ‘Stay Up With Me’. “Makes Sense To You. Makes Sense. Always.”

LIYV cannot be stopped. Even if at any odds, she will win the day. Nothing will deter her from taking your heart, and chomping on it, so you submit to her will. Pop or Not.

That day will soon come.

And she’ll text you about it.

Olivia Holman has this fantastic project under LIYV and once you taste her sonic goodness (and talents) you wont’ be able to stop. No, it’s not like Pringles (although they are good), but it’s all about the cameleon like musical resolutions LIYV takes on for each new single.

Take ‘Stay Up With Me’. It’s pop, but there that ‘rough edge’ to it. It’s not presented in any way that way, but you can feel it.

That feeling is amplified, if you turn the pages a bit to the past with her prior singles and videos (check out ‘I Still Dance On My Own’, ‘Laser Eyes’).

Then it makes sense to you.

It always makes sense to us.

Olivia makes sense to us.




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