Liza Weald ‘Take You Home’ : Incontestable and fulfilling.

Liza Weald

Liza Weald is the project headed by singer/songwriter Lisa de Bruijn. And ‘Take You Home’ is a “is a song about the calm and happy feeling of arriving at home.”

“It doesn’t necessarily mean a house with brick walls, whereas being at home is more of a feeling you get when you’re at a special place or with a special someone,” continued Lisa. Home is where you can be your most pure self.”

From first note to the last, the breadth of honesty and warmth, expands with each abated breath from Lisa’s incontestable and fulfilling single. An uplifting, yet cautionary, a side of a longing heart, never ceases to defend against the world’s unfairness. ‘Take You Home’ is an invitation, to relive and remember where you’d come from and how that will keep on fueling your energies to go forth into the majestic future.

“In times like these, uncertain and scary as they are, I want to provide people with this particular feeling, to make them feel safe and balanced again.”



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