Lizzie Weber ‘How Does it Feel’ : Her enveloping vocal expressions, is word by word, engaging and irrefutable.

Lizzie Weber

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO and now based in Seattle, Lizzie Weber shows us the beauty in her lyrics and song. ‘How Does It Feel’ is a cornucopia of grand navigations of pop, garage, and indie-rock, sensibilities.

From her new upcoming EP (January), Lizzie “collaborated with folks like Markéta Irglová (Once/The Swell Season) and Grammy-award winning producer Sheldon Gomberg (Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, Rickie Lee Jones)” to bring a contemporary melodic rock experience that is simply memorable.

“It felt like a stream of subconscious emotion coming to the surface,” said Lizzie. “I started with just an acoustic and vocal track, then began arranging with the rhythm and string section in my home studio prior to the musicians tracking their parts. I assumed remote work would be quite difficult because I’d relied so much on in-person work and the collaborative energy that helps bring a piece to life. I’m quite proud of this song and hope it resonates with listeners. In a time where so many are suffering, emotionally or physically, or both, I wanted to express my own vulnerability and make art that highlights how that openness calls for empathy from our closest loved ones and strangers alike.”

Reminiscent of both 70’s and 90’s indie rock, Lizzie goes BIG with ‘How Does It Feel’.

Her enveloping vocal expressions, is word by word, engaging and irrefutable.

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“How Does It Feel” is out in all your favorite spots today. I wrote this song amidst the shutdown and hope that wherever you are today, this song serves as a reminder that we have each other. Our love for each other. Our ability to lift each other up. That is how we will get through the darkest of times. Click the link in my bio to download and add to your fall playlists, and I hope to have you at the livestream show tonight! Some kind words from @albumism below ! 💙 Video shot by @dylantronic #muiscislove #nowstreaming Lizzie Weber’s new single “How Does It Feel” begins as a slow burn of a country noir-like composition, but then thrillingly changes course around the 1:25 mark, as a swell of thrashing guitar arrives and converges with soaring symphonics. It’s the perfect aural accompaniment to the redemptive, uplifting message embedded within her words, coupled with her vocal tones that seamlessly transition from intimate to impassioned as verse segues into chorus. St. Louis bred, Puget Sound/Seattle based singer-songwriter’s forthcoming EP of the same name due in stores January 22nd, “How Does It Feel” unfolds as a stirring rumination about the power of a companion who provides solace amidst feelings of fragility or adverse circumstances. “I know all the ways this life can give and it can take,” Weber sings. “And how easy it can be to lose your hope along way / But you see the light in me / So the fight in me lives on.”

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