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Lizzy Gunn Shares ‘Calimournia’. “Make a place for her at your next milestone in life.”

We’re not really sure if LIZZY GUNN, vibin’ alt-pop songstress, knows how good her music is. Maybe she does. We’re not sure. Why are we saying this? Because she’s talented, that’s why. The gal with the odd oscillating vocals, the fabulous gumption for song construction, tied down with meaningful and relevant lyric – Lizzy knows how to tickle your musical-tastes and then some.

Latest is this productively succulent dangle of a single named ‘Calimournia’. And in it, it offers up even more of what Lizzy is all about. At least what we listeners can imagine what she’s about.

From love to dust, to dusk’s beautiful estrangements, the fallacies of life, lives within the golden hours of a tragedy of epic proportions. A personal earthquake of immense textures and latitude, keeps ‘Calimournia’ something that really sticks to your ribs.

Because you’re getting a bit lean, in the relationship area, and you need some substance and sustenance. You know. Like this song.

It’s a vitamin for the blues, but at the same time, such a weirdly happy-go-lucky hum of a single.

That’s what Lizzy does.

That’s what she brings.

So, make a place for her at your next milestone in life.



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