Lizzy & the Fanatics ‘Far Away’ : Irradiates with uncounted precision.

Lizzy & The Fanatics

Hazy dreams. Infinity wishes. Montreal cool. Universal calm. Lizzy & The Fanatics bring longing. And when the memories of a memories that will haunt, irradiates with uncounted precision, elements of light and delight, melts away the fears as a sliver of lost loves are retained.

New single ‘Far Away’ is a sparkle dream-pop song about escaping the present through the Internet. The emotional chorus is about longing for more meaningful signs of affections than the one experienced online.

Included in the upcoming 6 song EP (Spring of 2020), Lizzy’s pension for dynamic shoegaze inspired thoughts and feelings, write themselves fluidly in that tang of victory and of loss. A veritable confluence of being lucky, in an often unlucky footprint of the world.

Lizzy & the Fanatics is a trio of dreamers, musicians, and lovers of life. The band is: Lysanne Picard, Denise Trimm and Amélie Laplante

Lizzy & The Fanatics


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