Lizzy Young ‘God Is Pink’ : Debut single. Deth-pop sliver.

Lizzy Young

You die. Death is ordinary. It happens, all the time. Love, in the other hand. Takes some work, all of the time.

There’s no guarantee of such advertised bliss. Love is a convergence of two, making the bubble sphere of emotions and confidences. It’s a definition for our chemical imbalance. It’s what adds to our biases, for our deliberate attempt to deliver in our biological premises.

Doesn’t work all the time, as mentioned. Well, at least not to our fantastical imaginations.

Think that is what Lizzy Young brings, to our listening senses. “Deth – is – pop – is – life – is – dope”

Most of the time. Whew.

Take is as it comes, Lizzy would say (as we imagine).

Lizzy is of French and American cultures (DNA? we’re not sure yet).

Lizzy makes oddly charming singles like this (She has a knack).

And we dig (this we’re sure of).


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