Lloyd Blvck Shares ‘Lemonade (Genocide)’.

LLOYD BLVCK based in Austin, Texas has the right to bear rhymes. And he does, and with vigor in the single ‘Lemonade (Genocide)’.

With ol’ school rhythm and rhyming aesthetics, LB takes it back, way back and throws down some sweetness on the lyrics, as he delves deep into what makes part of him tick and thrive.

Admittedly heavily inspired by Nas, the story teller from the city that brings so much new vibe into the music scene, he radiates and pops.

LB’s inspiration is from ‘the can-do’ attitude of survival in this big bad world. With driving vocals, and scintillating word smithing, the ideas of now and forever, pour out of the enunciated roar of the rapper.

LLOYD BLVCK performs together with Austin based hiphop group INFRARED.

Stating about ‘Lemonade’ LB stated: “As soon as I heard the beat I knew I had to spaz on it. It just felt refreshing, like a glass of lemonade, but with a tinge of something eerie that keeps you from getting too comfortable. I felt like stepping out of the typical song structure and just dropping a freestyle with some bars.”



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