Llynks ‘Purified’ : Mischievous and kind; unaltered but profoundly found.


Llynks is Sara Kendall. Mischievous and kind; unaltered but profoundly found, Llynks exalts her biggest morsels of herself on a platter of acknowledgement and penance.

Through her debut LP ‘Become the Root’, Llynks shares ‘Purified’ from the album — a gut-punching mid-tempo vocal showcase with a shape-shifting electronic sonic landscape.

Llynks uses her haunting and introspective words to explore themes where she pushes through some of this self-doubt and gets to new highs of empowerment and self preservation. Musically, she uses her distinctly sketched voice and robust synths to create undeniable melodies and moments. We hear a lot about the realities of the human connection with the distractions of the modern day.

It’s fitting then that much of the Llynks’ music have a decidedly visual element to them, with a distinct otherworldly/fantasy/sci-fi vibe to it all, not unlike a favorite album from a Ridley Scott replicant in Blade Runner.

In making the album while Kendall continued to shape-shift through her 20s, it became a tool that ultimately empowered her to embrace her feelings. Through this, she is embracing her roots and the events that shaped her to be this way. Embracing remembering where and when to Become the Root. and introspective lyrics


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