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Lo Fang – I’m Not Around

Lo Fang’s I’m Not Around is that soft and loving stroke from her hand, brushing up on that border between your upper back and rear hair line. It barely touches your hair on your skin, but you feel it, you love it, your heart for her deepens with every second.

She inspires me to be better.
She caresses me to be myself.
She touches me where no one has done before.
She loves me to the end, forever more.

I love her, with a burning desire.
I love her, with her lightest swipe.
I love her, to death’s door.
I will adore this moment, forever more.

I’m Not Around is the quintessential love song, many wouldn’t think would be about love.

But the presentation – oh, that presentation – by Lo Fang is just delectable.

Serene, calm, destitute, profound, honest, and warm – we couldn’t get enough.

I pulled our heart strings, making sure of digging our memories of love’s past – the partners and future soul mates – delicately mounting an assault on that battle creek.

It’s only in our mind.

Who cares.

We dig.



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